Amazing Du'a from Qur'an [Free eBook]

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This book contains some famous du'a from the Qur'an, as well as a discussion of how to make du'a such that one's prayers might be accepted.

The Art of Du'a

Excerpted from al-Ḥiṣn al-Ḥaṣīn by Allamah Muhammad al-Jazarī with footnotes by Dr. ʿAbd al-Raʿūf ibn Muḥammad al-Kammālī.

This section contains 40 etiquettes of du'a, as taken from Qur'an and hadith, along with sources & evidences for each of these etiquettes, as well as explanation & clarification for how to follow these etiquettes.

Selected Duas

A selection of some of the most important & beneficial from the Qur'an. Includes Arabic text, English translation, & Latin alphabet transliteration.