Acts of Devotion

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Sidi Idris al-ʿIraqi’s Ikhtisar al-irshad li-khass wa l-ʿam, translated here as “Acts of Devotion”, has long been considered a useful summary of supererogatory worship according to notable annual dates on the Islamic lunar calendar. Al-ʿIraqi was the Imam of the Zawiya Tijaniyya in Fez, Morroco, during the mid-twentieth century. “Acts of Devotion” is noteworthy in its concise exposition of the relevant chapter on the sixteenth-century Indian scholar Muhammad al-Ghawth’s al-Jawahir al-khams (“Book of Five Jewels”). Al-ʿIraqi supplements this material with various subsequent commentaries on the text, and includes the orally and textually transmitted variations of Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani as taught to his companions.